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Lambeth Storage Units That Are Affordable for All SW4 Residents

SW9 Storage Solutions LambethWhat do you look for in a storage unit SW9? We would put money on two main factors: cost and location. In other words, affordability and convenience. Removals Lambeth have units that tick both those boxes and more, so call 020 3540 9595 today to discuss your needs.

For some, SW4 storage units have never been a consideration. They either cost far too much or are completely unreachable in less than a day. We change all that with our selection of affordable options close to the borough of Lambeth.

So if your flat is looking a little overcrowded or you need somewhere to store your possessions while you go travelling, call 020 3540 9595 today. Our friendly staff will guide you through the options available and provide you with a free, no obligations quote. It doesn’t matter to us whether you need a small unit for a couple of weeks or a warehouse for a couple of years, we are always happy to accommodate your needs.

When you speak to one of our customer service team the first thing they will attempt to calculate is exactly how much space you require. This isn’t always as obvious a decision as you think, as a number of factors will govern exactly how much space would be best. Roughly speaking, the contents of an average one-bedroom flat will usually fit snugly into somewhere between 75 and 100 square feet depending on how many appliances there are. When you move up to a three bedroom house it becomes a bit more variable, but somewhere around 200 square feet is required. That’s the start, but then other factors need to be considered, such as how much access is required. You see the above approximations are based on a perfect fit within the storage units, leaving no room for manoeuvre. If you want to be taking items into and out of your storage unit on a regular basis, then having everything packed in next-to and on-top-of everything else is not going to be helpful as everything is going to need to be taken out in order to find anything, which means you need to move it all back in again afterwards. If you are going to be going in and out a few times a month or more you may need to purchase extra space to allow for walkways and shelving systems within your units. While the extra space will cost more it will save you substantial amounts of time when it comes to laying your hand on something in particular. When you call 020 3540 9595 one of our staff will take all these factors into consideration before recommending a unit size. Remember, it is always better to have too much space than too little; at least all your belongings will fit if there is spare room!

Lambeth Self Storage Units SW4Our SW9 storage centres are conveniently located close to the borough of Lambeth, so you will find it pretty tough to find a closer solution. You will also struggle to find a better price, as we do our best to keep the cost to you as low as possible. All units are house within a secure perimeter, and twenty-four hour access is usually available.
If you were thinking about getting your own storage unit but were put off previously by price and/or location, then make sure you call Removals Lambeth on 020 3540 9595 this time around. Those negatives are a thing of the past with our solutions.