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Forget other SW9 removal companies Lambeth, we have everything you need.

Lambeth Moving Services SW9At Removals Lambeth we provide all the options for people looking to carry out an SW4 home move on a budget. People who have a removals need but simply cannot find the right service in line with cost. To find out more about how we can help you give us a call today on 020 3540 9595.

This company was set up many moons ago when the owners realised that there we no obvious middle ground options when it came to removals services. For those moving on a budget SW9 commercial van hire was pretty much the only option. While it has its cost benefits, the associated stresses and problems were immense. The van had to be picked up, friends and family needed to be bribed to help with the loading and unloading, leading to arguments and damaged furniture.

At the reverse end of the spectrum there was the full removals service, carried out by a dedicated SW4 removals company. A luxury service where a team full of men would come into your home and remove all your belongings, meaning you didn’t have to lift a finger. While it was perfect in terms of a quality service, it tended to be extremely expensive and way out of the price range of most people.

So what about the middle ground? The people that wanted expert help, but didn’t necessarily want the outlay of a full removals service. Those who were willing to get stuck in, but felt a bit nervous about taking it all on themselves.  They didn’t really seem to have a decent option, which is where Removals Lambeth came in. We set out to specialise in low- to middle-budget removals services, from SW9 van hire to storage units, and now offer a range of services to suit:

Commercial Removal Van Hire

Vehicles of all shapes and sizes are available for short- and long-term rental periods. With vans fit for even the most obscure of purposes we aim to provide a flexible and affordable service, whatever you need the vehicle for. No hidden charges and free quotes make this an appealing offering, and our impeccably maintained removal vans will make you instantly realise you made the right choice coming to us. Even if you don’t know what type of commercial vehicle you need, just call 020 3540 9595 to discuss your requirements. Our experienced and friendly staff are there to help and get you behind the wheel of a van perfect for what you need it for.

Lambeth Office Moves SW4SW9 Man with a Van

Our most popular service, aimed to serve those middle ground people we spoke about earlier. For a slight rise in price compared to our van hire, you get a van with the additional benefit of a removals expert. He is there to lift, load, drive and generally act as a shoulder to lean on for the duration of your move. There to see your move from start to finish, with his help and expertise your move will proceed smoothly and his advice will prove invaluable over the course of the day. To find out more about the service call 020 3540 9595.

Storage Units Lambeth

Our most recent offering, we grew tired of other so-called storage specialists providing units that were either incredibly expensive or offputtingly inconvenient. So we decided to open our own, and what a success they are proving to be. Conveniently located and available at a cost that will not break the bank, we think they provide a genuinely affordable option to Lambeth residents in need of a bit of extra space, whether it be for a finite or indefinite period.
To discuss any of our services and obtain a free, no obligations quote call 020 3540 9595 today.