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Looking for a Removal Van Lambeth? This SW9 Specialist has the Perfect Vehicle for You

Lambeth Moving Van Hire SW9If you are looking for a local and affordable SW9 commercial vehicle hire company then you have found it, so why not get in touch with us on 020 3540 9595. Here at Removals Lambeth we think we know what the average customer wants from an SW4 removal van hire company, and we use this information to provide a service based on quality and affordability. We also chuck in a few extra things that you didn’t know you wanted until now. So what makes us the perfect SW9 van hire company?

1.    The SW4 commercial vehicles
First and foremost, you come to a van hire company because you want a removal van in Lambeth. A quality vehicle you know you can rely on. Our fleet of vehicles are impressively maintained and serviced at regular intervals, and when you pick up your van we will check you are happy with it before you drive it away. We always do our best to provide you with as new a vehicle as we can, but even if it does have a few miles on the clock you know it will still be in impressive condition.

2.    The choice
We have a van to suit any requirement, from the every-day to the obscure. We aren’t like other vehicle hire companies who might only have a couple of types of van; from little to large and everything in between we have a vehicle fit for any purpose. If you don’t know what type of van you need but know your own car just won’t do then call 020 3540 9595 and one of our customer service team will advise you of the possibilities. If you do know what type of van you need and just can’t find it to hire, chances are we will have it available. From car-converts perfect for those cross-London package drops to short- and long-wheel-base vehicles for moving larger items, our huge fleet will contain the perfect vehicle for your needs.

3.    The price
It doesn’t matter what the service is, the price is always one of the main considerations, if not the main one. Here at Removals Lambeth we pride ourselves on our affordability, and if you find a cheaper like-for-like quote, we will always do our best to match it. We will always give a discount for long-term bookings, and deposits are low.

SW9 Removal Van Lambeth4.    No hidden charges
That’s a promise. When you come to us for a free, no obligations quote we will lay down all the charges in front of you. We believe in transparency and honesty, and we know you will thank us for it. When you return the van to us there won’t be hidden mileage charges, and you won’t get a fright when it comes to the insurance. Everything is made clear from the offset and highlighted when we provide you with your quote.

5.    The flexibility
When you need a removal van, you need it to achieve something. A task, a piece of work, a home move, it doesn’t matter; something usually requires achieving. Now we know that even the best laid plans don’t always run like clockwork, which is why if you find you need our vehicle for a few more days then we will be as accommodating as we can be. Accidents happen and surprises are just around the corner, so we make sure we are prepared for them.

That just about covers the five main reasons why we consider ourselves one of the most reliable Lambeth van hire companies around. See for yourself by speaking to us on 020 3540 9595 today.